August 22 2014
August 22 2014
August 22 2014
Anonymous SENT: how did you and jacob meet?

Tumblr!! :-)

Anonymous SENT: none of your family thinks it's weird you haven't met him? like I'm not trying to be rude bc I love you guys I'm just curious

Uh yeah haha
A lot of them are a little confused about it and think it’s really weird, but I have support from the people I need it from most which is what matters!!

breakingmyb0nes SENT: you and your boyfriend ARE SO CUTE!!!

Thank you!!!!

rawaninvincible SENT: hey! I'm in a ldr right now and like we've known eachother for a year or so and my family know about her but only recently have we become friends and I'm just kinda worried about how I will tell them cause we've only recently made it like "official" so I was wondering how you told your family?

Oh gosh, well I had been talking to jacob for a while and my mom knew I liked him. I think it was the day after he asked me out my mom picked me up from school and I went “so, I’m not single anymore” and she just knew it was jacob. I think then she told my dad. It was very casual and laid back because they had already known about him. As for the rest of my family they just found out through Facebook.
My advice to you is just be as about it. Explain it to them calmly and just hope for the best!!